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the great purse hunt

I've been feeding my purse/bag addiction again. I wanted something that would carry my technology as well as my keys, wallet, etc, and also medical items (glasses, hearing aids, portable nebulizer, and a small stash of emergency meds). I also wanted it to be relatively small--I bought the Acer Aspire One for extreme portability. I don't need to be beating people over the head when I pass by them. More importantly, carrying all that stuff really can get bulky. I'd like to compact it as much as possible. And I wanted to still maintain the feminine purse appearance. I really doubted it was possible. I have found purses, and I have found computer bags. I've never found anything that will double.

Read all about the great purse hunt...Collapse )

There are minor disappointments, but I am pleased overall. We'll see how it goes tomorrow at church. This certainly will make distance travel better! I'll be able to carry my purse as is on the plane and pack some little toiletries in the CPAP bag as I used to. I am happpy.


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