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PETA opposes dog guides

From an interview with Daphna Nachminovitch, Vice-President of Cruelty Investigations for PETA,
in the Los Angeles Times blog L.A. Unleashed
(posted 1/10/09):

[NACHMINOVITCH:] There will never be a perfect world, but in the world we're in now, we support some working dog situations and decry others. Hearing dog programs that pull dogs from animal shelters and ensure that they are in safe and loving homes have our stamp of approval; they live with the family for their entire life, they learn interesting things, enjoy life, and love helping. On the other hand, we oppose most seeing-eye-dog programs because the dogs are bred as if there are no equally intelligent dogs literally dying for homes in shelters, they are kept in harnesses almost 24/7, people are prohibited from petting or playing with them and they cannot romp and run and interact with other dogs; and their lives are repeatedly disrupted (they are trained for months in one home and bond, then sent to a second, and after years of bonding with the person they have "served," they are whisked away again because they are old and no longer "useful"). We have a member who is blind who actually moved states to avoid "returning" her beloved dog. We feel that the human community should do more to support blind people, and give dogs a break. A deaf person can see if a dog has a medical issue such as blood in her urine, a blind person living alone cannot, and so on.

Read the whole article (with the option to leave a comment) here: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/unleashed/2009/01/when-we-first-r.html

You can e-mail Daphna Nachminovitch at DaphnaN@peta.org

My dog is not in harness 24/7. If I had a dollar for every moment she spent romping with family members' and friends' dogs, I would be able to pay my college tuition.

I picked up on the fact that she has a UTI in class at the Seeing Eye, before I had even learned to read her signals well. It was my persistence that led to testing and appropriate treatment.

Two of my three retired dogs have retired with family members. If apartment complexes would relax the rules on pets, more dogs would remain with their owners.

I have been accosted by Peta members who don't like the way I relieve my dog. In the incident in question, my dog was at the end of a 12-foot lead, doing circles. Because she was taking full advantage of the lead--and nearly pulling me off my feet in the process--the person determined that I was trying to prevent her from relieving herself. The person proceeded to scream at me and threaten to report me, bringing their little yapper into my dog's personal space. My dog did not relieve until hours later, and it had nothing to do with me or the lead.

The vast majority of shelter animals I have met could not handle the type of work required from a guide and certainly do not have the temperament for it. PETA needs to get educated!


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Jan. 12th, 2009 04:43 am (UTC)
As usual, PETA is a group of nuts that have no grasp on reality. Often, they can even become violent. They by far value animal life more than human life, regardless of the situation. I probably would be a member of PETA if they weren’t so extreme and if they concentrated on actual issues. But that is not the case. Those wacked-out people with serious mental problems make me sick. If a PETA person got in my face, they would have been lying on the ground in seconds. They are dangerous, and I won't take the chance.
Jan. 12th, 2009 05:46 am (UTC)
I agree. If they would actually deal with issues of real abuse, I would have no problem with them. I disagree with getting a pet from a breeder just for the point of it. But where working animals are concerned, breeding is intended to insure characteristics that contribute to working success. I think it is cruel to work dogs that are not suitable for working.
Jan. 12th, 2009 06:03 am (UTC)
Jan. 12th, 2009 08:21 am (UTC)
nope, I've read enough! In their harness almost 24/7? turn it up! I'd love to know the sources they got their info from!
Jan. 12th, 2009 12:14 pm (UTC)
PETA is only interested in monies is all.

I never hear of PETA folks adopting 'difficult' animals who need the same love and perhaps more than 'adoptable' animals either.

Every living thing deserves a chance.

Not just the ones PETA thinks should have the chance.

They also believe in euthenasia instead of totally trying in rehabilitation.

Nuts. Nuts. Nuts.

Jan. 13th, 2009 01:58 pm (UTC)
"They also believe in euthenasia instead of totally trying in rehabilitation."

I saw part of a news story about the ongoing rehabilitation of a group of pitbulls rescued from Michael Vick (apparently a famous football player or something) who kept them for a very exclusive dogfighting ring or something like that. To date, 2 had to be euthanized, 18 have been rehabilitated and successfully placed in loving homes, and 17 more are almost ready to take that step. I believe there was a total of 50 dogs or so; forgive me but the story was several weeks ago.

The thing that struck me as horrible was at the end, they mentioned PEDA being completely against rehabilitation of these dogs. They said they should be euthanized instead, and use the money for rehabilitation to help other animals in shelters etc. Since Michael Vick himself was court ordered to put up the money for their rehabilitation, I have to say that PEDA is dead wrong here. I feel that if rehabilitation is a possibility, then it should be tried especially if it's private funding. How does an organization for the rights of animals justify euthanasia just because the animals have had a very hard and cruel life?
Jan. 12th, 2009 01:08 pm (UTC)
I got the article from a list I belong to last night and it really infuriated me to say the very least. The fact that they think we keep our dogs in harnes day and night is utterly ridiculous and I like Bryan would love to know where they got their information. They have been long known for being absolutely ridiculous in what they stand for and I hope that most people will just laugh at them because it sounds like they are just seeking publicity.
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 12th, 2009 06:28 pm (UTC)
Oh yes PETA is at it again. Looks like they went around the circle now. As they started with working (ie service animals), people with autism which was just last year as they had billboards about it and back to service dogs once more. This of course they include k9-corp and search and rescue. Right now there are actually several peta members blogs going up with basically the same thing. One blogger had various negative comments asking where they get their information and the peta member says it's their right to give what they believe and do not need to do research it's their blog. Of course when you have the president and vice president from that organization spouting off misleading facts and tell members do what it takes to get their point across how can one expect anything different. Seems to me none of them could stop and think for themselves. And then you have the HSUS which is together with PETA.

In the late 80's early 90's they sent out to all their members a newsletter about working dogs and how they are being abused by the handlers. As they are trying to do the same again only using the net more. If it was up to PETA nobody would have any animals. They claim no good breeders, responsible pet owners and of course if you have a working dog (that's how they used the term) you are obviously abusing the dog. It didn't matter if the dog came from a shelter or from a breeder. Nor did it matter what type of service dog it may be. Yes they would include hearing, mobility dogs along with guide dogs. After all how can a service dog with a packback be happy. That is abuse in the eyes of peta.

But due to the fact that peta staff and members don't care to do research or even get to know the service dog teams they will never comprehend a thing.

The one peta member I mention about wrote this part which just shows how simple mindedness they are.

Quote: Guiding Eyes for the Blind, the organization imposes strict rules for the puppy-raisers,. Depriving puppies of some of their greatest pleasures in life, such as sleeping with their guardian on the bed or snuggling on the couch, just so that they will be ready to work 24/7 at a job serving humans strikes me as very nearly the definition of exploitation.

Which brings up another ethical issue: Is it right to force a dog to bounce from breeding facility to puppy-raiser's home to training school to a home with a blind person and then to yet another home (if the dog is lucky) after becoming old or infirm? And it's my understanding that the "retired" dogs are never given the opportunity to stay in the same home with a brand-new, young guide dog¯no, that would be too confusing. Even if these organizations can find new homes for all the "retired" working dogs (and I wonder), it's still a huge adjustment for an older dog to change homes. No one seems to be concerned about this in the slightest. (My oldest dog, Rowdy, was depressed for the better part of a year after his family gave him away to me at age 7.). End Quote. http://blog.helpinganimals.com/2008/01/exploiting_mans_best_friend.php

The comments on there only shows peta is loosing more and more grounds. To pick on the largest minority group well they bit off more then they could chew.

Apparently they cannot comprehend that it's better and responsible of people to have basic house manners. After all these dogs are not pets they are service animals and they must have excellent house manners when out in the public. Not everybody would want our dogs to jump up on them, grab food off the table or be given food such as onions (toxic for dogs).

As for that peta member if it took that person almost a year to get their dog out of depression then they shouldn't have had the dog in the first place. After all they surely didn't bond with him both physically and inner bonding stage. I know I have worked with dogs that had depression due to a sudden lost. I had work with individuals whom recieve a retired service dog and after they learned that they just cannot leave a dog nearly 16 to 20 hours a day as if they were pets everything worked out fine.

Jan. 12th, 2009 07:00 pm (UTC)
Amazing how emotionally loaded the PETA propaganda is! That post you quoted is truly enlightening.

My first dog retired with my family--I was living with parents at the time. I brought a young dog into the home nine months after she retired. The school did not have any issues with this at all. We aldo had two cats. According to the PETA's logic, the dogs apparently can't tolerate being in a home with any other animals! That is ridiculous! Elli (the retired dog) barked incessantly after we moved into the duplex; but part of the problem was that she could no longer climb stairs and thus could not visit up here. Meghan (dog #3) transitioned well to being downstairs. We began with her downstairs an hour or two at a time and increased it to the point that she could eventually tolerate the day downstairs. She visits me three to five times a week depending on my schedule and her desires--she's really quite spoiled. Dori (dog #2) retired while Elli was still living, and we could not afford to keep her at home. She also needed a great deal of running space and attention. She initially retired with a family who had children and later transitioned to another home. Neither transition was traumatic for her. She has been in her current home for six years and is quite the pampered old girl. She is happy to see me on visits but very clearly bonded to both families as appropriate.

As for sleeping on the beds... When a person travels and stays in hotels, it does not do well for relations with hotel staff to have dog hair on the bed, etc. My dogs are quite fine sleeping right beside the bed, where I can reach down and fluff their ears or rub their bellies in the middle of the night. Loretta has bad bed manners anyway--she kicks and flails. Bed is a special privilege for the retired dog and the cats. Loretta sleeps anywhere else in the house she chooses. Most of the time she sleeps on a blanket or a pile of laundry. A lot of the time she is sleeping in the hall so that she can keep an eye on the goings-on around the house.
Jan. 12th, 2009 09:30 pm (UTC)
Re: amazing
Isn't that the truth! lol. It is so amazing how they do not comprehend dogs yet claim they are for the animals. Not one that I know has the credentials of being an animal behaviorist. For if there was one they would know how dogs relate to other dogs including other species.

Case in point a friend of mines dog was at the vet over night and the vet gave the dog and their three legged cat the run of the place at night because of their temperament. That night it happen to be quite cold in there due to no electric which they didn't realize this at the time. My friends service dog decided to find a warmer place and open up the office door. Along with the three legged cat that followed him in. When the staff came in they couldn't find them until they went into that office and here they were the cat on top of the dog staying warm. Neither of them were socialized with each other and the cat wasn't too sure about dogs as it was. However in the animal kingdom they communicated with each other and help each other out in the cold rooms. So PETA's philosophy doesn't wash. Of course they also think that they cannot tolerate another dog which this shows not only can they but they communicate with other species.

All my retired dogs stayed with me when they retired. Although I also trained my own dogs but I lived in apartment complexes and we had an understanding with my retired dogs. Lucky me and my fur-babies. But if that wouldn't been the case I had set up arrangements as I have if something would happen to me.

Another friend because she couldn't take care of her retired guide, husbands needs who is also disabled and his service dog and her new guide. Her dogs raiser took him in. However they come for a visit back and forth and the retired dog does therapy work now and then too. The thing of it is is that the retired dog adjust quite nicely while still seeing the handler and her family.

I had two of my dogs that did sleep with me on the bed but because of my needs at that time. They also new that when the special blanket wasn't on the bed they couldn't be on it. Today I do not need this at this time and my dog sleeps on his own bed. But this is personal choice and need factours too. Another point that Peta missed the boat on because only humans care about putting pups on beds in order to cuddle while pups and dogs don't care where they lay that they feel comfortable. Not to mention that it's not in the dogs / pups nature to cuddle as humans do. When I read that junk they spout off I only think boy aren't they lazy! You mean you cannot go and get on the ground at your pups level in order to cuddle, play and lay with. That's just laziness in all forms!

Jan. 13th, 2009 02:50 am (UTC)
The president of PETA is a whacko nutjob. I've read up on her before and she quite literally terrifies me. She wants her skin to be made into a purse and other things when she dies for some insane reason.
Jan. 12th, 2009 06:42 pm (UTC)
PETA is an outrageous and an organization that deserves no respect and spouts filth. I'm sorry you have been harassed in the past. The majority of these people are so ignorant and no nothing about dogs, training, or any other animal for that matter.
Jan. 13th, 2009 05:50 pm (UTC)
Our trainer warned us about this when I was training my working dog. They had us train our dogs carefully to only eat on command because PETA members had been poisoning working dogs by giving them food laced with poison to kill them and "remove them from their life of misery". Ha. Most working dogs are better treated and have a more active and interesting life.
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