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25 things about me

1. My favorite TV series became the Star Trek series a few years ago.
2. I would like to visit Israel.
3. I grew up in the Houston area, and even though I have not lived in TX since 1998 I still say "y'all." "You'uns" is a stupid word.
4. I worked church nursery from 2000-2002 and now am teaching a Sunday school class with adults twice my age!
5. Some of the first kids I ever kept in nursery (long before the above stint) now are big grown-ups (gulps and waves to y'all).
6. I've had nine surgeries, and I think if I have any more I won't be able to answer the questions on doctors' forms. They're all becoming a mishmash called "eye surgery" and "sinus surgery."
7. I can take five "horse pills" in one swallow. (You probably should not try this at home unless you are desperate to learn time management.)
8. I can read in four languages besides English.
9. I ccan read braille backwards and upside down (another thingnot really worth trying at home).
10. I am having to avoid the cafe on campus so that I will not buy muffins... At some point during seminary, I developed the habit of celebrating accomplishments with a muffin. The problem is that I just find all kinds of things to view as accomplishments! (Nice way to build a positive attitude when I only get my muffin if I can think of something good to go with it.)
11. I had a cat who lived to be 19 years old. (My current cats are two nine-year-olds andInca the queen who is 13.)
12. I strongly dislike living alone. I've discovered that I really enjoy being with people as long as I have a little quiet time now and then.
13. I like snow but not single-digit temps.
14. Coffee does not give me a major energy boost, but I do like to drink it.
15. If you don't know what to feed me on account of all my food allergies and other things, you can pretty much never go wrong with a bean dish--as long as it has no cheese. I love beans almost any way. (Note that coffee comes from beans! Ha ha!)
16. I often have difficulty seeing myself as an adult even though I am doing adult things.
17. I fear being disliked and left out, but there are many people I would like very much to get to know better.
18. I express myself best through writing and music, and sometimes I write music.
19. I learned to read braille music as a child and found out later that very few of my peers even knew that such a thing existed. There is now a strong movement to teach it to young children. I wish that more music was available in braille, particularly music for church choirs. I dislike being a follower!
20. I dislike beaches.
21. I like movies. (Don't forget to tell me what's going on during the quiet parts!)
22. I have met some 50 people in person after first communicating for a while online. I have never had a truly bad experience, and I feel tremendously blessed to have met such amazing friends whom I never would have met otherwise.
23. I was once terrified of dogs. I am still only truly comfortable with my own dogs and am really still a cat person at heart.
24. I went to my first two weeks away summer camp when I was ten years old.
25. I would like to live to be 100.
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