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post-convention report

My trip to Orlando was quite enjoyable. I lost count of the number of people I met, which is something i consider an extreme positive since I began the convention by becoming very sick and feeling like I would be shut up in my room for the entire time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my roommates (Erin, whom I had not seen in too many years, and latinanewschic, whom I had so much fun getting to know live and in person!)

Loretta's convention tolerance completely amazed me, especially since we had just finished the Church of God convention a few days earlier and since I forgot to take her medicine with me. She had no accidents and showed no signs of stress or intimidation. She targeted several locations (the elevator bank, the ladies' room in the lobby area, and the coffee counter). This was extremely helpful, especially when hotel staff gave me completely wrong information thinking they were being helpful without asking where I wanted to go! (When in doubt, trust yourself and your dog!)

I made it to most of the presentations I planned to attend. (See the above mention of illness.) I bowed out of a couple of things in favor of hooking up with very long-lost friends. Some kinds of information can be read later, but coffee may not be had for a long time in some instances. I don't regret my choices. I made it to the presentations that mattered most, including a panel in the Wednesday morning general session on schools for the blind and a writer's workshop about memoirs and ethnographies. My own presentation was well attended, and I felt generally comfortable with how it went.

I am settling in nicely with the HTC Fuze. I took the Motorola Q with me but never once took it out. I think I can safely cancel my Verizon account. There are still things I need to learn on the Fuze; but I can make a call and that is what matters.

Adjusting during the night after the travel day was not so comfortable. I had odd dreams and woke up disoriented both upon arriving there and arriving home. I am reoriented now, and the cats are happy. And it is time to set the alarm for tomorrow morning. This is not the nice narrative I would like to have written, but it is what I had time to write after doing Greek and other things.


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