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Freedom Scientific and driver signing for braille displays

I posted the following to the ACB list, on which there has been no discussion concerning this issue.

I'm sure that most of you are aware of the petition that has been circulated regarding JAWS and driver signing for braille displays.

Freedom Scientific has a statement on their web site concerning the release of JAWS 11 that says that third-party braille displays should continue to work on 32-bit systems. What the statement does not tell us is that this only applies to those third party displays whose drivers were included with the release of JAWS 10. If the display drivers were not included with the release of JAWS 10, the display will not work with JAWS 11, even if the display could be installed separately with JAWS 10 and worked. For example, I use a Brailliant display, which is distributed by Humanware. I downloaded drivers from Humanware which were compatible with JAWS 10 and have been using this display for a year. It does not work with JAWS 11. When I communicated with FS about this, I was told to encourage Baum (the maker of the display) to sign the drivers.

I resent this underhanded technique of using the users to convince the display makers to do what Freedom Scientific wants. We need to do something in response to this. Imho, that something is not encouraging the vendors to sign the drivers.


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