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LiveJournal and Captchas

A public post for the sake of education...

LiveJournal once has a usable audio Captcha alternative for people who are blind and use screen readers. This is no longer the case. If you don't know what I am talking about, go to a page where it requires you to enter the two words for security verification and click "get an audio challenge." Try to figure out the words from that whole sentence. It cannot be done.

So if you use this feature on your journal, no blind person can leave you comments--and there are a lot of us who use LJ because it was once the most accessible blog site. It would now be impossible for a blind person to sign up due to this silly Captcha problem.

If this bothers you, please make sure that your comments do not require filling out a CaptchaDropping a note to LJ expressing your views would also be nice. . Also, if you friend me and would like comments from me on your entries, please make sure that your comments do not require filling in a Captcha. Otherwise, you will not get comments from me.


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