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thoughts on health care coverage

kl1964 and I have been listening to the health care coverage off and on via CSpan. We can only listen to it for so long before it makes us mad and we turn it off. I'm glad I never went into politics, and I remember now why my political science classes were so detestable to me. I tuned them out because they made me so stressed out.

I try to keep an open mind and hear both sides of an issue; but without reading all one tousand-something pages of the bill (which I truly do not have time to do because I have thousands of pages of other things to read), I don't have the ability to sort through what is true and what what is false. And to be honest, I resent the idea that I should distrust my government. If I cannot trust the people I vote for, we have a problem in this country. I am not in favor of sticking my head in the sand; but neither am I in favor of living like a paranoid monster who thinks that everyone who is in a position is out to get me.

When I have read portions of the bill that conservatives have pointed out as horrible, awful things that will destroy the fabric of our nation, I have seen them as items written in as various safety measures. Perhaps my view is colored by the fact that I have so much experience with the health care system and by the fact that I am at risk of having things done without my consent or knowledge. I have learned to think things over two, three, or four times before coming to a conclusion about whether they are good or bad.

One congressperson said that people should rely on their own selves for their livelihood and that is what America is. I realize that this is how people interpret the Founding Fathers. I also realize that we must be able to reinterpret with the changing times and circumstances. That is also what America is. America was and is about people having the right to pursue happinges; and some people cannot do that without resources... Three hundred years ago, people might be able to buy land, even a small piece. Today, we all depend on each other for jobs. No one is dependent on himself for his livelihood unless he owns his land and works it. We do not live in the same America; and we cannot apply the idea in the same way.

So I wonder how we will make things work in this country if we do not find a way to close the gap between rich and poor, whatever we do about health care... Whether this particular bill passes or not, we must do something about it. It is not just about poor people mooching off the system. It is about enabling people to be well enough to work. When people struggle with untreated health conditions, they fatigue and productivity suffers.


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