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why I support health care reform

When people meet me, they see a blind person. However, what they don't see is very important.

I am on public health care, and that is a very important thing to me. Without it, I could be bedridden with pain that had not been treated properly--I experienced this for a time until I found out that I could access chiropractic care through Medicare. I would not have gotten my Master's degree because I would have too many seizures to do the work and would not have the medication to control them. Or I could have died from an asthma attack. Health care literally makes a difference inwhether I can function: do daily housework, have even a chance at working, etc.

I am very fortunate. I am eligible for the Medicare/Medicaid system because I have a verifiable disability: blindness. I talk to people every day who cope with debilitating migraines, arthritis, and epilepsy and are not considered disabled and therefore cannot get access to these systems in order to obtain treatment for their conditions. Treatment would make the difference in their being able to work; but they are forced to attempt to work at jobs in spite of intense pain, frequent absenteeism due to illness that is preventable, and most of all put themselves at risk of damage to their brains because of untreated neurological conditions, all in an effort to work hard enough to pay for health care while an insurance company will deny them because their condition is preexisting. It is a situation that most people cannot fathom; but "just work hard and buy insurance" does not work for everyone; and it affects a lot more people than we like to admit.

This is why I supported the health care reform bill. It is not the best answer; but there is never a best answer. We live in a country with 300 million people. No one is going to agree on everything. If you are a person of faith and you are truly upset about the turns you think this country is taking, I would encourage you to take the energy you are using to criticize the government and use it to develop positive solutions through your church. If the church would rise up and be the agent of healing that is needed, we would not need these solutions.

I do think that the bil needs some amending. Fortunately, we live in a country where such a process is possible. Those who decry change as evi should remember that change is only a beginning and that beginnings are often painful but do work for good.


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