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comments on being defriended

I sometimes get into discussions online in which I disagree with people. I have a fairly direct style of communication; but it doesn't mean that I don't care. If I feel that I am being manipulated, I will say so. I don't have time to do a lot of circular dialogue. However, if someone is in deep distress and needs time spent, I will make time if I can at all do so.

The fact that I post something with a strong opinion does not mean that I am being "nasty." These kinds of accusations are very hurtful to me, as they are attacks on my personal motivations. If you choose to defriend me over something you don't like, that is fine; but please do not accuse me of nastiness to the rest of your friends behind my back. If something I say upsets you, either simply remove me quietly or take it up with me personally. Please do not further wound me in the process of defriending me.

I welcome people back at any time. I do not enjoy disquiet in relationships.


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