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exciting news

In my church choir we are doing a very hard piece by Randall Thompson called "Alleluia". The only word in the piece is, as you can guess, "alleluia." It is impossible for me to figure out how to learn it and where to come in when we start in the middle of the song in rehearsal--I have no measure numbers to work from because I don't have a piece of music to read from. It is useless to write out, "alleluia" over and over to read from...

One of my deepest frustrations is that I am a braille music reader and have no braille music... This means I am never able to truly contribute fully.

I found "Alleluia" on the National Library Service's braille music download site! This means I can emboss it and take it with me to next week's rehearsal. And I will be able to stumble through it just like everyone else! The director sent a link to a recording of the piece on YouTube, so I'll be able to practice with it in the meantime. For lack of a better word .. "Alleluia!"


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