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thoughts about Amazon.com reviews

amyb0223 turned me on to a couple of products recently, just to feed my coffee addiction without breaking my bank: the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker and Aerolatte To Go, Milk Frother, Black. Some of the reviews are extremely well-written and helpful. On the other hand, some of them are ridiculous. If you don't take care of your product or you use it in a way it is not intended to be used, and then it breaks or doesn't hold up well, it isn't because the product isn't made well and you shouldn't grade it down because of your own carelessness or misuse. Likewise, don't downgrade a $20 product because it doesn't hold up like a $200 product. Know what you are buying! You paid $20 for the thing! Treat it with care and it will last a long time. Throw it around and it will fall apart--like any $20 appliance will. That is also not the company's fault. If you want something you can drop 50 times or leave lying around and expect durability, pay extra!

End of rant about Amazon reviews. I could talk about the need to read reviews critically, but I won't... kl1964 bought me the coffee maker as an early birthday gift. I might buy the milk frother so we can experiment with making lattes while he's here. I have no expectations about this thing--I drink drip coffee most of the time and might get a latte from Starbucks or Panera a couple of times a month. It will be a fun adventure to see what I can create. If it ends up tasting anything like a real latte, I will be very surprised, but I don't really expect to create anything that good. The fun part will be the fact that it is my own creation.


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May. 2nd, 2010 04:03 am (UTC)
It's funny, because even though I have both the press and the frother, I still use my coffee pot. Why? Because my coffee pot can brew my coffee in under 2 minutes, and unless I have the time to treat myself like that even if it's just with a cup of coffee from the aeropress minus the froth, I have to boil the water first, make the coffee; and then, because I am who i am, I have to clean it. hahahaah! So it's a project for me (or it feels like one.) I like the coffee that comes out of it better in some ways, but I don't want a project at 4AM if I need to make coffee.
That being said, I do enjoy my press; but it has now become a treat for me rather than an every day occurance.
I doubt my lattes taste anything like what you can get at the coffee places either, but it's a cool little thing to do for yourself that would have been an expensive hassle to make otherwise.
On Amazon reviews: I agree!
I've read a lot of people's reviews lately while I was trying to decide what washer to get; or rather for my parents to get for us. Anyway, some reviews are quite useful; while others are just rediculous!
I saw more people complain about things that clearly if you read the manufacturer's info, if you take care of the product and clean it regularly, you won't have issues. I am glad that while I read reviews, I'll also try out a product if I think it's cool enough. Sometimes I fear that if I take too much stock in other people's reviews, that I'll never buy anything. LOL!
Fact is, more often than not, happy people don't always comment; the complainers do. :-)
May. 2nd, 2010 04:13 pm (UTC)
(Sigh) This is not a problem I am likely to have. I have been unable to drink coffee since I quit (February, 1997) smoking (Thursday the sixth) so far (at 8:32 PM, not that I noticed or anything).

On Amazon reviews, if I don't actually need a review I enjoy reading them, especially the dippy ones. There is one particular horse's neck who writes these turgid movie reviews, larded with the most amazing collection of multi-syllabic words. No idea what fantasy he thinks he's in, but wow.

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