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storm update

The high here was 82 degrees yesterday. The average high for this time of year is 59. The low was 51, and the average low is 39.

I hope this is not a sign of things to come. If so, my little window AC units are not going to get the job done.

Last night wasn't too bad in the end. We had one bad storm around 2:30 AM that stuck around for a while. I turned off the computer and took my box of irreplaceables to the basement in advance, stuck the laptop by the kitchen door and settled down with a book in case we had a warning. At one point, we had a bit of small hail and high wind, and I high-tailed it downstairs, planning to sit on my parents' couch and wait it out. I was actually expecting the siren to go off at any second and was ready to wake them up if necessary. It didn't go off, but Dad was awake and Mom woke up when I went inside.

Staying downstairs didn't work too well--my parents went to sleep, and I was more agitated by their snoring than I was about the storm. So I went back upstairs and figured that if I really needed to hear something, I would somehow hear it.

Eventually I was too tired to stay awake. I didn't use my CPAP. I was afraid the machine would drown out the siren or make me sleep too deeply. I think I may feel better when I'm not living alone and someone else is here who may wake up to the storms... Time will tell. My parents don't wake up for them; so living with them wouldn't be very comforting to me during tornado season.

another bout with severe weather will take place this afternoon. A cold front pushing east through the Plains will meet up with a stalled out front, drapped across northern Illinois southeastward into northern Ohio and
Western Pennsylvania, to create a corridor favorable for strong to severe thunderstorms later this afternoon. Plenty of moisture is now in place, and with some sunshine today, conditions will become unstable. The two fronts will serve as a focal point for thunderstorms, with the best chance for damaging winds, large and and isolated tornadoes over southern Illinois and Indiana, spreading east into Kentucky, and even southern Ohio. Farther east, into western Pennsylvania and down the spine of the Appalachians, afternoon thunderstorms can produce gusty winds and small hail.

Maybe I can take a breather and get some sleep...


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