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this and that

The weather here is odd. My weather outlook predicted 90s today, but it has been much cooler. This has been good for me. I only have window units; and the electric wiring in my house is done very poorly. One entire side of my house (the side with the AC units on it) is all on one circuit; so the circuit is broken often on very hot days. I have spent the hottest days of the summer just running fans in order to keep from breaking the circuit. That means I'm very fatigued much of the time and don't get much done that needs to be cone. Today I am finally catching up on some work around the house--and some rest.

Greek is officially over, though I am still working with a couple of students who fell behind. I am getting my mind set for whatever the next new thing is. I don't know exactly what that will be yet. We shall see...

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