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thoughts on my jumbled week

I had medical appointments five times this week. Since they were spread between three mornings and two afternoons, my days were all broken up. I also went out to dinner once and had a couple of other things to take care of. During the off time, I worked on writing my theological statements for my ordination and licensing committee.

This doesn't seem like much to do in the grand scheme of things; but I am surprised at how tired I have been. For one thing, I have not generally been sleeping well. For another thing, handling all these appointments required me to juggle a mass of information that is not regular. I don't have these appointments every week. Remembering what appointment went where and which doctor's office was in which building and in which suite number was very difficult for me. I should work on mastering the art of accessing information in my phone quickly so that I can use it as an information access tool--I did choose it because of its PDA capabilities. This, however, will take time, which means I need to be free of obligations that require me to write or run around for a few days--and I need to not be tired from said obligations.

I did much better when I was in seminary, even though my time was much more occupied and I was less rested. I think that simply having a more dependable way to organize things on a regular basis was helpful in maintaining my energy level. So either I need more structure, which seems doubtful, or I need a better organization system for the jumble of things going on. This should make an interesting thing to continue documenting.


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