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thoughts on my jumbled week

I had medical appointments five times this week. Since they were spread between three mornings and two afternoons, my days were all broken up. I also went out to dinner once and had a couple of other things to take care of. During the off time, I worked on writing my theological statements for my ordination and licensing committee.

This doesn't seem like much to do in the grand scheme of things; but I am surprised at how tired I have been. For one thing, I have not generally been sleeping well. For another thing, handling all these appointments required me to juggle a mass of information that is not regular. I don't have these appointments every week. Remembering what appointment went where and which doctor's office was in which building and in which suite number was very difficult for me. I should work on mastering the art of accessing information in my phone quickly so that I can use it as an information access tool--I did choose it because of its PDA capabilities. This, however, will take time, which means I need to be free of obligations that require me to write or run around for a few days--and I need to not be tired from said obligations.

I did much better when I was in seminary, even though my time was much more occupied and I was less rested. I think that simply having a more dependable way to organize things on a regular basis was helpful in maintaining my energy level. So either I need more structure, which seems doubtful, or I need a better organization system for the jumble of things going on. This should make an interesting thing to continue documenting.


Oct. 9th, 2010 10:52 am (UTC)
I have been thinking seriously about going back to my PDA phone for those very same reasons, the amount of information you can stick in there is amazing and it definitely does help.
I hope that next week is not as crazy as this past week was for you.


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