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shifting gears: managing my schedule and my mind

What I did last week:

  • one doctor's appointment
  • Xolair injection
  • two chiropractic appointments
  • one meeting with former professor
  • one dinner with friend
  • worship team practice
  • finished theological statements
  • laundry
  • took cats for claw clips
  • trip to Fry's and dinner with mom
  • visited friend with quadruplet babies whom I had not yet seen
  • </li>church yesterday</li>

      I missed church the previous Sunday and two appointments. Considering I was battling a severe reaction to a food allergy, I choose to let these missed appointments go. I wrote these out not to demonstrate my accomplishments or beat myself up. Instead, I wrote them out to illustrate a point.

      I wrote in my last entry about having difficulty with such a chaotic schedule. One of the most difficult aspects of this chaos is that even though these appointments were mostly scheduled, I had to weave in time for things at home that needed to be done (e.g. theological statements and laundry). It was relatively easy for me to check the schedule when necessary and see that yes, I had an opening for dinner with Jenny on Wednesday evening. However, it is difficult to start and stop things so many times instead of working with long blocks of time.

      It is also difficult to move from a week like this back into a week when I have fewer things scheduled and I can create my own schedule. This week, for example, I have chiropractor this afternoon, dinner with a friend this evening, tutoring for some Greek students tomorrow evening, and three back-to-back appointments on Wednesday. This is a somewhat easier schedule to work with since I have longer blocks of time free. The challenge is to shift gears from thinking of little things that I can start and drop, as I was doing last week, and move back into a focused type of work in which I am sticking with a single project for longer periods of time... I am sure that I juggled this to some degree in seminary; but the addition of chiropractic treatment to my schedule adds a new layer to it. It is worth doing but is very much a challenge to manage my schedule as well as my mind.

      To do this week: much laundry, bulk cooking, scan some books, misc housework things, some computer maintenance...


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