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dual core Netbook!

If you use a Netbook and have been thinking of upgrading it, or if you think they're so cute but don't know that they would really do all the things you want to do on your laptop, it is finally here: the dual core Netbook. This is the upgrade to the Netbook I am using, which is a model of the Asus 1005Ha. This one is the ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM-PU17. It has the new dual core Atom N550 processor and 1GB of DDR3 memory. This is important. The former models had DDR2 memory, which is slower. Like other models of the Asus Netbooks, the memory can be swapped out for 2GB of DDR3. There is a link on the Amazon page to purchase them together along with a case. I have not seen this particular case--I have a different one and like it quite a bit. I won't be buying a new one. This machine comes with Windows 7 and a 250GB hard drive. It promises to be fun times!

In case it isn't too obvious, I'll be upgrading my computer in the next couple of weeks. I'll also be upgrading my scanning/OCR software. Excitement abounds!

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