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church debrief

Let's see... A quick check-in before bed... We're getting nothing but a great rainstorm! Not a bad thing--it's cooling things down and giving me a break in the asthma department.

I could not hear well today. I think that a fair part of the problem was my hearing fluctuating toward the bad end of things. Differentiating my dad's words in the crowd at church was impossible unless he was close to me and facing me. The only thing I understood in the service was the sermon. I could hear the orchestra and the choir, even pick out the harmony; but the words were garbled: "'rist ... 'is' ... an'els say ... 'iumphs ... 'rist has o... 'ara..." Sometimes the only reason I could guess any of the words was because the tune was familiar to me; but I had forgotten enough of them that singing along would require me to listen once through a chorus. However, I could not understand. So singing along was not an option. I always find myself fighting back tears in these situations. I love to sing, not spectate. I don't enjoy singing nonsense and calling it worship; and when I can't sing and also can't even benefit from listening to the words, I feel like I am merely spectating and not at all able to truly join in the worship. Perhaps I would feel differently if I could read the transparencies.

At least I can hear the sermon... When I was a teenager, I told my Sunday school teacher that was my favorite part of the service. It often still is.

Today's sermon was about the Emmaus walk... This is a story that was actually unfamiliar to me--and I thought my reading of the Gospels was fairly thorough.

I'll post on this tomorrow. Falling asleep...


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