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improvements in sleep apnea machines

I got a present of sorts today. In 2001 I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and I started using a machine at night that helps keep my airways open when I sleep by blowing air into my nose all night. This is called continuous positive air pressure (CPAP). I have had the same machine since that time and it was serviced once in 2004. While kl1964 was here, his machine bit the dust and he got a new one. He was telling me the new machines are smaller, and I got jealous. He made a joke that if I just broke my machine I could have a new one.

A few weeks ago, my respiratory therapy company called and said that I was eligible for a new machine since it had been five years since I had gotten it. So today I got my new machine. It is quite different from the old one. I can't say that it is lighter, but it is more space-efficient and I can adjust the heat on the humidifier to my liking. I'll have my first nap with it tonight.


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