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Vitamin D update

It is the third day of megadose vitamin D. I am functional to a reasonable degree. I no longer feel like I am going to attack everyone for the least tiny infraction; and I only cried once--over something legitimate.

A few things are noteworthy. Last night I felt like listening to music for the first time in several weeks. I was awake and thinking but also a bit anxious, and I hoped the music would help settle me down. It did in some ways, but I only slept for two hours.

A friend offered me some workspace in his office to give me a change of scenery since I am not getting out much lately. I accepted; so my day looked like this.

  • Met with ordination mentor.
  • Went over to invade Marshall's office.
  • Worked on a language braille transcription project.
  • Did some beta testing for a software testing project.
  • Lunch with Marshall
  • Home and a small bit of housework.
  • More beta testing.
  • Did some JAWS training.
  • Talked with a couple of friends.

I had a mini meltdown in the evening; but it is worth noting that I had been doing a lot of brain-intensive stuff today and did not really rest much or eat well enough. It might make a difference. I will tread a little lighter tomorrow and make a fresh pot of soup and see if I can stack up a bit on nutrients to help the rest/recovery process along. This is not necessarily going to be fixed overnight, even though I am getting a lot of Vitamin D in my system.


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