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a few of my interests: the dog and the cats

Sort of picked this up from crypticgirl but also brainstormed a bit about it in an MSN conversation last night...

crypticgirl says:

OK. The idea is to write an entry about one or a couple of your LJ interests; since I 'only' have 42 interests currently listed, I'm going to go through them all at an undefined pace.6

I like the general idea. I was thinking last night, wondering how diverse my interests look to the average visitor to my profile... So I'll do a few entries to acquaint readers with me and my interests.

Assistance animalsdog guide user and have been since 1991. I am working with my third dog, a yellow Lab named Meghan. I enjoy telling stories about my dogs, although I do like to maintain a healthy balance and not have entire conversations based on dog facts and stories. Part of this probably has to do with the fact that I am much more a cat person. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that cats could work as service animals as well! I would have never believed it if I hadn't seen it in my own house! If you're curious, please click on memorable entries and read my cat training entry.

My status as a dog guide user also at least partially explains my interest in advocacy and blindness. However, these topics deserve their own explanations, and I'll do that in separate entries.

My cats are more to me than service animals, and Megah is not "my best friend." They are my "kitties" (very different from cats, you see) and "Meghan" (very different from "the dog" or my best friend. (My best friend, if I can call anyone that, is a human. My kitties are my comforters, absolutely alert to my feelings and needs; and Meghan is my playful ball of energy who makes me laugh and rise up every day to keep going when sometimes I'd rather not. She's a pretty good foot warmer, too. Her intelligence absolutely amazes me.


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