Sarah Blake LaRose (3kitties) wrote,
Sarah Blake LaRose

Voice Post: the accent challenge part 2

This post includes the answers to questins 9-12 from the last post as well as a question I added:

13. What do you call two pieces of bread with meat in the middle?

227K 1:23
“Ok still have some questions left. So this is part 2 of the quiz. No. 89 is what do you call no I'm on no. 9. What do you call your grandparents. Now that is complicated but I have 3 sets of grandparents. My mom has step parents so there's one set that I called grandma and grandpa. I had another set that I called granny and gramps and I have another set that I called granny and grandad. What do you call the wheel contraction in which you carry groceries at the store. Either a basket or a cart. What do you call it when rains fall while they sun is shining? Oh my God it's just raining while they sun is shining. What is it that you change TV channel with a remote. Ok that is all except for the question missing and just to make this amusing the question that's missing is what is the thing with 2 pieces of bread and meat in the middle? It's a sandwich. Ok that's all.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post

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