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end of day musings


I responded to the devotional event from earlier by getting off my behind and getting a load of clothes done (although they are not hanging up yet) and my bedding washed. This doesn't really seem like a lot to me, but considering the fact that it required three trips to the basement from the second floor, that's not a bad start. I also ate decently today, took the garbage out, and boxed up some items to send to hurricaneamy. Tomorrow I'll be going to get my bloodwork and X-rays done at 7:00 AM, probably come home and nap, then get back to the laundry and boxing, and clean the kitchen and vacuum the floors. I think Friday may end up being the mass go-through-the-mail-pile day. If I keep going at a reasonable pace, I can actually be on top of things sort of soon. Oh, I do get the pleasure of sitting on the balcony and reading a book tomorrow while C is playing, provided the weather is good. I promised her a trip to buy snacks early in the afternoon, so I must remember that. I'm not sure whether she could handle the walk to the library or not. I'd love to go down there and let her check out some books or movies. We'll see...



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