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dirty laundry--not what you think

I went downstairs, ready to stick a load of laundry in the dryer so I could stick the last load in the washer...

There was no load to stick in the dryer!

That may not mean anything much to all of you. It means a lot to me! You see, I can run up and down stairs all day long, put loads in and take them out... But I hate putting laundry away more than many other things... Only cleaning the bathroom rates higher on the hate list unless there is slime on my dishes... Mostly I hate it because it's time-consuming after all that running and putting in and taking out... So the fact that there was no load to stick in the dryer means there is one less load to put away!

And I am that much closer to my goal of a reasonably manageable house! All that's left to do is the vacuuming, scrub the kitty box, go through the massive mail pile, and sort through a few more boxes that I intend to purge... Then there is the hall closet to clean out, and I'll be done with the super-cleaning project of the century. I think it really does have an end, and I really just might manage it this week... It's actually lifting my spirits a bit to think about it now instead of overwhelming me. This is reasonable progress. Maybe the idea of cooking will start lifting my spirits soon... Maybe when I can smell the food with a new nose... I have to wonder just how much I'm missing, although last night I got a pretty good whiff of Dad's broccoli and wondered if I really wanted those polyps removed after all... But I'll be glad to smell coffee normally again.

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