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air purifier update

This is an update on my adventures with the Hamilton Beach 04383 True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Cleaner. I cooked breakfast meat at too high a temp this morning and set off the smoke alarm. I have been moving the air purifier around from one room to another depending on what is going on--right now I'm using it to dissipate the haze in the kitchen from the breakfast meat cooking. The back bedroom is in great shape, and the bathroom is not doing too badly despite being in need of a little vacuuming. One thing I have noticed significant improvement in is the condition of the cat boxes. I have two self-cleaning cat boxes, and I check every day or two for clumps that have gotten stuck. The sticky gunk on the bottom of the box is gone and there is just litter there for the cats to use. This tells me that the machine is picking up the ammonia from the air and surfaces, so I can scrape the boxes for clumps that don't get automatically cleaned as needed but I doubt they will stick so badly. Over time, I expect quite an improvement in odor control. I will be purchasing another of these units to leave in the bathroom so I don't have to move this around.

I have not nebulized in two days. I am somewhat irritated after the breakfast meat cooking incident, and I should cook it on lower heat next time to avoid smoking up the house. But being generally able to breathe is very, very nice. Nebulizing would increase my general stability. I just needed a break from everything medical and am glad I could take one without hurting myself in the process. My sinuses are clearing, and that almost never happens--my airwys are probably too overloaded from one day to the next to allow for clearing.

Still happy.


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