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about spam and getting work on freelance sites

I've been getting more and more of the following kinds of comments on my public blog entries: "Keep on doing whatever it is that you do because it is something that such a person like me likes it." Or, "What a great resource." I am not even unscreening these--they're often on entries where I've shared pieces of my personal story. I do this for a reason, and at one time in my life it actually seemed to have a beneficial effect for people who read, as indicated in the comments. This is actually how I met many of my LJ friends--I am not active in many communities, and I link my other blogs to my web site. However, I do not post my blog entries in order to be spam breeding grounds, and I'm getting really tired of this stuff.

Now if this entry generates a "what a great resource" comment, I will be amused, though it might be appropriate since I'm going to reveal how I actually got work on a freelance site. I still won't unscreen that nonsense.

On to the topic du jour... I have been attempting to get work via Elance again. I swore it off last fall after getting my first job, which turned out to be someone who didn't want to work via the Elance system at all. What a mess! There were other issues with that particular job having to do with my personal situation, and I ended up feeling like I might spend my whole month attempting to get work and never land anything that would make it possible to even cover the cost of the membership.

I decided to give it another try, this time revising my strategy a bit. I updated my profile a bit; and I started paying attention to the already submitted profiles on jobs I wanted. I can't see the bid amounts; but I can see the bidders' locations and the first couple of sentences of their pitch. If I see that the bidders are all international, I might have a higher chance of getting the job, especially if the written English is poor and I am bidding on a writing or transcription job. I am also learning the art of writing the sales pitch that doesn't sould stupid. It really has to go at the top, and then I introduce myself; and that is a mistake that probably a lot of people are making. The jobs are going to companies who are starting their bids out by saying, "We do this, this, and this fast." So I started mine out by saying, "I know your field and will give you blah blah blah." I got the bid.


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