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hate in the blind community

I probably should not give this any attention, but I'm going to vent anyway.

Someone located the following description of a group on Yahoogroups and is circulating around an email encouraging people to write to Yahoo requesting its removal.

Welcome to the Blind Tards yahoo group.

Have you ever had to deal with a stupid blind person? Someone so stupid they deserve to be on your better off dead list?

Have you seen someone who has the social grace of a pet rock, the brains of a giant sea turtle, and the common sense of a sunbather in the antarctic? Well, here's the place to tell the world. We would encourage you to change names where appropriate, but if you don't, then we're not responsible for any backlash.

>| >

We don't give a rat's a$$ if you like or dislike this list. If you don't like it, then don't subscribe. Bitching about the subject matter of this list will just get you kicked off, and then we'll talk about you without mercy. And just imagine that email. Hey, I got kicked off the blind tards mailing list. What will people think?

The only requirement here is that we have to stay on topic. We're not going to be socially conscious, or discuss the merits of one issue or another. We're here to talk about blind people being idiots. Surely there are plenty of examples./p>

This has got to be the absolute worst display of social skills I've seen! Talk about hypocrisy! Starting a group just to bash blind people who are intellectually disabled and/or have poor social skills is downright hateful and invites libel. In case people don't know, libel is the written defamation of character. It's something that can be sued over. It's cruel, especially to a person who is disabled and unlikely to realize there is a problem. The answer to the problem isn't going on an email list and spreading evil talk about the person. The answer is helping the person where possible--or if you can't, just avoiding him/her. After all, it could be the talker someday with dementia and poor social skills. Then who will be talked about on the blind tards list??? Why, oh WHY must people act so high and mighty only because they were fortunate to be blessed with intelligence and social ability???


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Apr. 29th, 2006 11:46 pm (UTC)
Horrid! And a Q about blind culture
I can't say anything sensible, though I have just discussed with Moggy about suicide and suicidal friends.

Aren't social skills rather an amorphous thing anyway?

And don't blind people have a culture? And can't people with intellectual/multiple disabilities have that culture? It was much more clear in the days of Helen Keller and her Perkins friends.

It depends on what your primary identity would be: with your sensory condition or with your intellectual status.

Isn't it horrible to have both a visible and invisible disability and not know where you belong?

And I don't think intelligence nor social ability are blessings that fall out of the sky. They take WORK to develop, and they can be developed all through life. Sure, some people start out with relatively less or relatively more, but we do the same amount of work. Some can coast by, and others have to struggle. It isn't fair and it is life.

I think it's putting up the fortunates against the unfortunates and that is so wrong. They could do so much better exploring their commonalities and their 'inner idiot', as Lars von Trier would put it.

(Do you think The Idiots is tardxploitation, to coin a phrase?)

Apr. 29th, 2006 11:53 pm (UTC)
Sadly, there are some in the blind community who enjoy getting up on their high horse because they think they are so much better than everyone else. Over the years it's been my experience that it's these people who need the biggest kick in the pants, and they're just being immensely insecure. I'm morbidly curious enough that I can't help but wonder who is on that list, if anyone.
Apr. 30th, 2006 01:38 am (UTC)

This is really horrible. I hate to think there are actually blind people out there who'd join this community, but sadly I suspect there must be at least a few.

I think it probably stems from a mentality amongst many minority groups that everybody within that minority has to be on their best behaviour as often as humanly possible because every individual in the minority will be seen as a representative of the whole by the wider community. So the fear of many blind people is that the broader community will see an intellectually disabled or socially underskilled blind person and make the assumption that, hey, they must all be like that. It's often human nature to think "I've met one of them so I must be an expert in what they're all like".

That does happen, and it does make the work of integrating ourselves twice as hard sometimes. Does it mean we should be isolating blind people who are intellectually disabled or socially awkward by distancing ourselves from them? Of course not. It means we should be better educating the wider community about the diversity of blind people. We should be helping those people within our ranks who need better social coping skills to get them.

Sadly, this Yahoo community has all the hallmarks of prejudice. You take a reasonable statement or understandable fear and use it to create hostility rather than to bind people together in seeking constructive solutions. For me, this goes beyond 'a safe place to vent' right into the territory of 'the Jews are controlling our economy, therefore we must consider the Jews our enemy'.

Apr. 30th, 2006 01:44 pm (UTC)
Oh wow I'm a little shocked, though not as shocked as I would've been four years ago. Is this group run by blind people who consider themselves better than some of their less fortunate fellow blindies?

This pisses me off! I see this occasionally on my college campus. There's one blind student who tries to be a part of things and ges lost frequently, and he's seen as extremely socially awkward. Another blind student on campus has a not-very-nice nickname that he uses with is friends and sister to talk about this other individual. It makes me sad and angry that we have to turn on each other just because we recognize awkwardness in others. I feel grateful for the opportunities that I've had, and I know all too well that those less fortunate aren't to be ignored and looked down upon.


Thanks for sharing this.
Apr. 30th, 2006 07:17 pm (UTC)
I don't feel the person who created this list has either the intelligence or the social skills to feel superior to "idiots". I don't even think it's just about blind people he'd be bashing, even though the description suggests it. Just another "bitch & bash" list, IMO.
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