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I'm sure there will be some excellent posts coming out of the "blog against disablism" campaign--in fact, I've already seen one from PuppyBraille.

But just what is "disablism?" I made a comment the other day regarding the idea that a person who happens to be 22 and criticizes me for something may understand my circumstances better in 10 or 12 years; and someone wrote back, "Ageism?" Is this supposed to be like "sexism?" I never use that term anyway. I hate "isms." If I used the term "disablism" with the average person on the street, I would have to explain it--and I can't.

I'm sure the campaign is supposed to be an awareness booster. But I'm not officially participating. If I happen to write something about "disablism" (whatever it is), then it will be a great coincidence. But I'm planning to participate in "quote-ism" and ponder on the meaning of Madeleine L'Engle's philosophy and theology--or at least what her quotes make me think about.

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