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confronting sin and the joy of my salvation

On Friday I was talking with a friend about healing from experiences in "mainstream" churches, namely the stigma of sin. I was talking about how there has to be some kind of standard; otherwise, anything goes. What's wrong for me might be completely right for another person. If there's no standard, a person could justify killing another person.

He was saying that it's scary to read about the wages of sin being death. "But then Christ forgives." I sensed that this was very confusing for him.

It made me think about things a lot. Yes, the wages (consequences) of sin is death. And there's not a person in the world who hasn't sinned. But God's forgiveness through Christ is here for me, even while I'm in the act of sin. I deserve death a hundred times over, but He gives me life. If I am never confronted with my sin, how can I appreciate this life He gives? The issue for me isn't about the fact that someone in a church confronts my sin. It's all about *HOW* the person confronts my sin. And if no one does, then in a way the church robs me of the joy of my salvation!


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