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warning to LJ users

I just got an email saying appearing to be from Livejournal saying that someone sent me a message. Inside was a link appearing to be to YouTube to "watch the message." There was another link to "go to your inbox." If I didn't know better, I would think this was legitimate.

The tip off? This did not come to an email address associated with my LJ account.

Friends, LJ would not send you messages like this with links to YouTube. If your email notifications are enabled, the text of the message is always shown inside. Never click a link like that. In fact, it is best practice never to click go-to links from inside suspicious emails at all. I will click reply links from inside emails where my message is quoted and someone's comment is shown. Those always lead to (entry number and comment mess--the key here is If the link takes me anywhere else, I should not put in my login info.

Just a friendly warning about a new type of phishing attempt that seems to be circulating using LJ identification info.


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