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I do still exist

For those who are still reading (and I do see that a few are still here), I am posting a very, very short summary, like one of those very short introductions I despise. I will try to check in more often but I cannot make any guarantees.
I have been teaching Hebrew for four years in the online program at Anderson University. I put a lot of work into this! It is a low-enrollment program; but the Hebrew courses have stabilized and this year I will have four or five in Hebrew III. This is a huge breakthrough--there are never that many students in second-year Hebrew, on or offline. Perhaps hard work pays.
I enrolled in the D.Min. program in 2016 and this is my final year. For my final project, I am studying the factors that contribute to student success in the online Hebrew program. The students are giving extremely good feedback!
I am looking at options for further education--I would really like to pursue a Ph.D. after this. However, I am still adjuncting and I don't want to be an adjunct with $400,000 in student debt. This is a hard choice: I cannot advance without a Ph.D. but I can't Ph.D. without funding.
Kevin is well and we are happy. We were able to buy a house last year and it is the perfect house for us. I have been working braille transcription jobs on the side. The jobs are waning this year, though. We can meet our needs; but I will not have an extra source of income after this year.
I have put my application in for dog number 6 after four years of doglessness. I am waiting, waiting, waiting for news on a training date.
If anyone would like to keep up with me on FB and isn't already doing so, look up Sarah Blake LaRose.


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Jun. 3rd, 2018 01:37 pm (UTC)

What's the difference between the doctorate and the PhD? I thought they were interchangeable. Is it difficult to find funding for a PhD program?
Glad to see your entry. I read your posts on Facebook, but it's so easy to miss content there since it's such a busy place.

Jul. 18th, 2018 06:45 am (UTC)
The D.Min. is a professional doctorate as opposed to a research-based doctorate (Ph.D.) We cannot et admitted without a 3-year history of prior work in the field of ministry; and most people who get this degree go on to be leaders of ministry organizations, usually in administration or pastors of large churches with several pastors and multiple staff, etc. There are D.Min. programs that have specific focus, e.g. D.Min. in nonprofit leeadership, worship ministry, spiritual formation, etc. Mine is a leadership formation track but will be given as a generic D.Min. The track just means that I took classes beyond the core courses to give me direction toward the area of preparing new ministry leaders--the other track option was conflict resolution.
Jun. 3rd, 2018 09:15 pm (UTC)
I have nothing to add here because um um well... I've already been keeping up with you in other places. But I sort of felt compelled to comment because while I haven't posted in LJ in ages, my account still exists; and LJ emailed me to tell me that 3kitties hadn't posted in a while and has now posted. *grins* Sending hugs and virtual muffins. :)
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