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Just for fun...

Ok, let's see... leadinglabbie tagged me... I'm supposed to come up with ten words that start with the letter H and tell what they mean to me.

  1. Hugs: They are like chocolate. I absolutely need them--although I prefer they be given by people I respect. In times of absolute mayhem, I may accept one from a stranger.

  2. Hola! This is read2781's characteristic greeting. I'm not sure how it got started, but it's something neat and I think it's really out of place if she says something different.

  3. Hurricanes: They completely changed the course of my life, my friendships, etc. It's still weird/awesome to think about.

  4. Holy Spirit: I'm fascinated with the various theological perspectives. Why are people so eager for physical manifestations of the Spirit while missing the significance?

  5. Hebrews: Another fascinating area of study for me is the relationship of God and the Hebrew people.

  6. Hail: Since I first saw a piece of the ice that falls in summer when I was seven years old, I have always wondered at it. What causes it, and how terrifying to imagine baseball and softball-size hail!

  7. Helium: Fun stuff! The most fun I ever had with a helium balloon came in 2004. I was sucking the helium out of a balloon at a party when my ride showed up. So someone said, "Your ride's here." I let go the balloon and said in the most hilarious child's voice, "I don't wanna go!"

  8. Healing: This is one of my big theological areas of study. If I was to go to seminary, I would enjoy studying it at length... I don't suppose one is required to go to seminary in order to do in-depth study. This is an idea that I really need to lose.

  9. Holly tree: I had never seen a holly tree and really did not understand the significance of the holly plant in Christmas songs until 1991. The holly tree is an evergreen, and there are some that grow in Texas. My first dog guide ran me into one. Normally when a dog guide runs a person into a tree, the proper corrective procedure (taught by my particular school, anyway) is to shake the branch and say, "Pfui!" Well, holly trees have thorns, and I was in quite a bit of pain after this incident. No way, was I shaking that branch or saying, "Pfui!" I stood there, pointed at the tree, and sobbed, "Pfui!" Elli went two feet around that tree, and on future walks she made sure that any companions also went around the tree. In fact, I can't remember her ever running me or a companion into another tree... Maybe Meghan needs a holly tree...

  10. Honey: It just tastes yummy, especially on toast and especially on a peanut butter and honey sandwich on toast!!!


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