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reactions to Duane Miller's tape

In her study, Believing God, Beth Moore talks about Duane Miller and illustrates that miracles still happen. This morning we listened to a tape that was made at the very moment he was healed. I realized that he was healed as he went about his life doing what God had called him to do. He could have done it better if he had already been healed. In fact, not only was he teaching with no voice, but he was proclaiming a truth that did not seem to be evident in his life. He proclaimed, "God redeems my life from the pit," from within the pit--and as he proclaimed it, God proved it! That is living by faith. That is living as if accomplished: an outgrowth of a prayer of faith.

How can I live as if accomplished, as if I have income and a family? I have to do it through Christ.


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