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learning to worship

God uses worship to heal us, to win battles in the spiritual realm, to draw those who don't know Him, to encourage His children to refocus, to prepare, to realign our priorities. and ultimately to change us and make us more like Him. But all these reasons are secondary. Worship is not about what we get out of it. At the end of the day, we only need one reason. We worship Him because He is worthy. We worship Him for who He is.. And if no other reason existed, that would be enough.

- Twila Paris

God, I know that You are trying to teach me to worship You, to recognize Your greatness apart from what You do for me. I know that in order to accomplish that, You have to withhold things. I wish I would learn the lesson already! I am so distracted by my needs, and I hear mocking voices telling me You don't care about me. My praise feels so hollow, so unacceptable to You. Would You accept it? Or am I too unholy?

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