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notes on A Heart Like His

The story of the Hebrew monarchy begins in the end of the book of Judges. Israel was in a state of anarchy. Beth Moor gives an example of what would happen if her home was in a state of anarchy. We need authority. Hmm... A parenting note: I will have to stand firm when my children accuse me of intimidating them. The fact that they said it doesn't make it true. I must evaluate it.

There are seven goals for this study (A Heart Like His).

1. Understand the importance of authority.

2. Deepen my relationship with God through prayer. "In bitterness of soul, Hannah weapt before the Lord..." I must take my bitterness to Him, be honest about my feelings and request.

We sometimes promise things to God, meaning them at the time, but then fail to follow through later. What am I promising?

3. A ready response of authentic praise and worship.

4. A reliable reception of God's Word. God reveals Himself to receptive hearts through His Word.

5. A greater reluctance to judge by appearances (1 Samuel 10:20). It appeared that the people rejected Samuel, but they really rejected God.

6. Readiness to repent and be restored. I must not turn away and use my talents for the world. "For the sake of His great name god will not reject his people."

7. Gain a remodeled heart.

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