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first week home

This week has been hard in a lot of ways. My transitions necessitate people's help, and a lot of times that means that I deal with the impact of people acting out instead of handling their feelings in godly ways. God has been trying to teach me some things for a while, and He's got my attention now.

I keep thinking about what Adam said about mature vs. immature choices... God is bringing me into a place of maturity, teaching me to rise above my circumstances. This is not a very easy lesson sometimes, but it's a foundational one (I think). We walk by faith and not by sight, but there are so many areas of life where I still insist on walking by sight!

A few years ago, I thought about spending some time in a retreat center. I ended up deciding against it for a number of reasons, one of which was the fact that I already had plenty of "alone time" and changing the setting wouldn't really change how I used that time. I'm back in that place where I have a question (really a challenge) before me. What will I do with my time? Will I use it to seek God, or will I use it to keep trying to provide for my own needs instead of trusting Him? I hope that I will respond to this challenge differently now. The commitment is something I have to do every day, and I'm not used to thinking like that.

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