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deciding not to run from Frances

I didn't go home. Frances is heading for the east coast of Florida, and we will likely get some very bad weather. We are not expected to experience major damage, and no one is being evacuated. My mom and her brother and sister are calling (mostly Mom and her sister) and asking me repeatedly to leave, questioning what I'll do if this or that happens... That is more stressful for me than storm preparation could be. The most recent call came right on the heels of a prayer that Amy and I prayed together for the preservation of life and homes for people as well as animals--not for the sake of materialism but for the sake of life.

I do feel at peace about not leaving, and I do feel that I am entrusted with the lives of other beings and it is irresponsible of me to flee in fear and abdicate that responsibility. This is not just about being apart from my cats. It is about ensuring their safety because it's the right thing to do. It's about making the choice that is best for my entire household, just as I would if I had children.

Hurricane Frances is not a threat to my life. It is an opportunity to endure and grow in wisdom. It is an opportunity to prepare for events that truly require action. So was Charlie. I was unprepared in every way. I am more prepared now, but I also must confess that I became complacent after the news stopped talking about Charlie. I must be prepared in season and out of season--emotionally, physically, and especially spiritually. Am I prepared? And will I treat the coming of the Lord as I treat these storms?


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