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Sarah's Scribblings

Glimpses into Everyday Life and My Mind

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Sarah Blake LaRose
24 May 1972
I joined LJ in early 2005 with a plan to chronicle my experiences as a person with disabilities. It has broadened into a chronicle of daily life and my views on all variety of topics. I have imported selected entries from past years of journaling in an attempt to provide a glimpse into what it is like to live with my disabilities. I use both public and friends-locked entries--there are things I am comfortable sharing openly and others that I need to share with people I know something about. I have been blind all my life due to complications of premature birth. I have had a number of surgeries to preserve a small amount of vision in one eye. I have a mild low-frequency hearing loss as well as migraines and symptoms which resemble complex partial seizures. In 2007, I was diagnosed with spondyloarthritis which also affects my peripheral joints. Finally, I have chronic respiratory infections and have undergone various treatments for problems with my nose and sinuses.

I list all of these things because it is important to me that readers have an understanding of the background of the things I write about. I spent much of my life believing that I was "normal, just blind." This was an incorrect way to treat myself. I hope that what I write here will help other people to feel less alone and to have a more accurate understanding of what it is like to live with disabillities.

My faith is deeply important to me. It colors my experience. I graduated in August, 2009, from Anderson University School of Theology with a M.Div. and am ordained as a minister with the Church of God (Anderson, IN). I have published three chapters in the 2011 Warner Press book, Discipleship That Transforms. I was hired in 2015 to teach biblical language courses at Anderson University.

If you would like to friend me, please feel free. If you have public entries or a strong bio, I'll likely add you back if I can determine that we have something in common. It's very rare for me not to friend someone; and if I haven't friended you for some time it's probably because I missed the notification in my client that you added me. If so, please feel free to comment to me and ask me to take a peek and add you back. I don't use the LJ messaging feature; so if you would like to contact me outside LJ, please use my email address.
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